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Executive Director

Anna-Lesa "Tex" Calvert

A Dallas, TX native and 2005 graduate of the University at Buffalo, Anna-Lesa Calvert, has taken her experiences, as a college athlete and an advocate of urban development, and spent her career focusing on creating an environment through sports-focused programming to teach youth development.  Calvert is the Executive Director of Algonquin Sports for Kids, Inc. Mrs. Calvert is a U.S. Soccer Foundation’s National Facilitator and holds a USYSA National Youth License and US Soccer D License. Calvert has successfully partnered with many local and national organizations throughout her tenor of Executive Director.  In 2012, she partnered with Libby’s Foods to bring World Cup Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, Brandi Chastain to Buffalo for a free clinic.  In 2012, Calvert with United Way and IHF were grant selected to bring the U.S. Soccer Foundation’s Soccer for Success program to Buffalo a program which has demonstrated statistically significant changes in BMI and Cardiovascular endurance in local youth ages 5-14. A accomplished advocate for youth development, Mrs. Calvert was selected to speak at the 2014 TEDx Buffalo. Her presentation titled “Youth Coaching: More Than a Game” was based on her success of providing youth sports, primarily soccer, to teach youth development.

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