Funky Statistics in Soccer

If you are a true soccer fan, you could use some interesting facts about the game you probably never knew. Some sources suggest that the game of soccer was invented about 2000 years ago. However, England adapted the game into the game of soccer (or football) that we are more familiar with today. Here are some more crazy facts to tickle your curiosity.

Do you need reading glasses?

The famous Italian goalie, Grosso, was once asked to leave the playing field after suggesting to the referee that he needed reading glasses. Funny enough, Grosso actually owned an optician’s shop, and his suggestion was well-intentioned.

Origin of the bicycle kick

If you ever wondered how the popular “bicycle kick” originated in soccer, it was first performed way back in 1914 by Ramon Unzaga from Chile. The kick, now famous, has been performed by many players since then.

Playing the game barefoot

In 1950, India landed a qualifying position in the FIFA World Cup. However, India was then not allowed to participate because they wanted to play barefoot. The country happily withdrew, as they refused to play otherwise.

Banned for life

Things don’t always go your way. In 1994, Chile was banned from the 1994 World Cup because Rojas faked an injury after a firework supposedly hit him during the team’s qualifying match. Unfortunately, the goalkeeper was banned for life.

The human head

Soccer hides a fascinating bit of information. Besides the fact that people have played sports by kicking balls for centuries, it is argued that the shape of the soccer ball has its origins in the shape of the human head.

More crazy facts

If you are interested in more facts like these, they are spread all over the internet. Whether or not these are all factual is another story. However, you can always excite your senses by looking into crazy facts about the game you love.