Find helpful resources online to learn about soccer

If you enjoy playing or watching soccer, you will find it fascinating to read about the history of the game. When you get to know all the little details about the sport, it could make the game more enjoyable for you. These sources are also excellent if you are just looking for a source of inspiration before you head out onto the soccer field.

BC Soccer

The BC Soccer site provides soccer players with educational, safety, and technical resources. This platform promotes these resources to provide future soccer players with a strong foundation and set of skills. Players can then rely on this information when they head out to the field to enjoy their favorite game.

Better Soccer Coaching

This is an online space created by David Clarke. If you are looking for some great tips and drills for coaching, this is the place to start. Clarke clearly outlines strategies and training sessions that will aid you with coaching. The drills are also neatly presented in a graphic. Anyone can subscribe to Better Soccer Coaching.


This is an educational agency that hosts soccer camps, and it also represents numerous soccer academies throughout the world. This online platform provides you with the tools to do the necessary research on soccer drills and other helpful resources. Ertheo also compiled a Football MVP Handbook to assist players during soccer practice.


This site is a free online tool to assist athletes, coaches, and soccer players with their growth and development in the sport. New players can learn a lot from this resource. They cover everything, including the rules of the game and assist players in developing the necessary skills. The Power Soccer resource guide covers all the essential aspects of training.

More resources online

There are plenty more resources available online if you are hungry for more. Just be careful not to be misled by misinformation. Take all the necessary precautions when accessing information online. You can even share the resource you acquired with your coach in order to validate the information.